Mercy Lounge

1 Cannery Row, Nashville, TN 37203
Venue Type: Lounge
      The Mercy Lounge reside in Nashville's Historic Cannery building. Built in 1883, the Cannery was originally a flour mill and later a place to grind coffee. The building earned it's name when the Dale Food company bought it in 1957 and began processing food (jams, jellies, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter, etc.) eventually opening a restaurant called "The Cannery" in the early 1970s. The building housed a country music theatre in the late 70s and evolved into one of Nashville's primary music venues in the 80s and early 90s. Jimmy Cliff, Janes Addicition, Iggy Pop, Lenny Kravitz, Midnight Oil, Greg Allman, Robin Trower among other touring acts of the time played the Cannery. The Mercy Lounge is on the second story of the massive structure and is typically open six nights a week.

Upcoming Events at Mercy Lounge
Thursday January 25, 2018
Low Cut Connie  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Friday January 26, 2018
Music City Stones  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Saturday January 27, 2018
Dorothy  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Tuesday January 30, 2018
Tennis  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Thursday February 01, 2018
Destroyer  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Friday February 02, 2018
Jack to the Future: DJ Sneak  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Saturday February 03, 2018
The Whistles & The Bells  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Monday February 05, 2018
Declan McKenna  7:30pm  Find Tickets  
Wednesday February 07, 2018
Y&T  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Wednesday February 14, 2018
White Buffalo  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Friday February 16, 2018
The Music of Black Panther: Dance Party & Art Immersion  10:00pm  Find Tickets  
Monday February 19, 2018
Lights - The Musician  7:30pm  Find Tickets  
Tuesday February 20, 2018
Neil Hilborn  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Wednesday February 21, 2018
Big Business  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Thursday March 08, 2018
Beth Ditto  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Friday March 09, 2018
The Wind & The Wave  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Saturday March 10, 2018
Propagandhi  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Monday March 12, 2018
Little Dragon  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Tuesday March 13, 2018
Hot Snakes  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Wednesday March 14, 2018
Theo Katzman  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Friday March 16, 2018
Rumours - A Fleetwood Mac Tribute  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Thursday March 22, 2018
Earthless  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Friday April 06, 2018
Rogue Wave  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Wednesday April 11, 2018
Wild Child  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Thursday April 12, 2018
Eden & Verite  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Tuesday May 08, 2018
Calexico  8:00pm  Find Tickets  
Friday May 11, 2018
Far Out Fest  9:00pm  Find Tickets  
Tuesday May 22, 2018
Nada Surf  8:00pm  Find Tickets  

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